Senior Art Show

Another year in the Art Department is coming to a close. Although it marks the closing of a chapter for many of our talented students, it’s a time of celebration and recognition for all their work and accomplishments during their time at AU. Please join us on April 27 from 6-9 for the Senior Art Show reception. The reception will begin in the Vandiver Gallery from 6-7:30, then we will move downtown from at 7:30 for the remainder of the show at the Anderson Arts Center. We’d like to thank Haley Newman, Taylor Cash, and Andres Sanchez for putting together the promotional materials for this year’s show. Please visit the website for a sneak peek at some of the work that will be exhibited in the show and the artists and designers who are participating. 

Also at the Arts Center, at the same time, is our Seven photography exhibition which features work of some our graduating designers and artists. That show is downstairs on the first floor of the Arts Center, so be sure to take a look and congratulate those students on their first public photo show. 

This is a huge night for AUVA students and we’d love to have as many in attendance and support as possible.

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